The day is upon us.

After a delay fit a for a King, you can experience [i]Ion Fury: Aftershock[/i]!

– More than half the content featured in the original game
– New Weapons
– New Enemies
– New Zones
– Arrange Mode
– A Hoverbike complete with homing plasma missiles

And it’s OUT RIGHT NOW on Steam!

Better yet, for the first week of the launch there’s a [b]10% discount on Steam![/b]

Pick it up

[b]Product description: [/b]

[i]Ion Fury: Aftershock[/i] is a massive expansion featuring more than half of the content included in the original game. Aftershock doubles down on the old-school FPS action with challenging new bosses, a wealth of powerups and secrets to uncover, and an expanded arsenal introducing three new weapons.