3D Realms Anthology on Steam!

3D Realms Anthology on Steam!

3D Realms Anthology on Steam!

Due to popular request, 3D Realms is pleased to announce that the 3D Realms Anthology hits Steam for Mac & PC today, May 5, 2015! Read on for further details.

Released last fall, the 3D Realms Anthology finally brought together 30+ Apogee/3D Realms classics into one place.  It was very well received, but the one question we were asked more than any other is when will it be released on Steam?  Well, today we're here to tell you that this wish is granted!

Released today (scheduled to unlock at 10AM Pacific Time) is the 3D Realms Anthology for both the PC & the Mac!  That's right, our Mac friends can finally get in on the classic gaming action.  For just $29.99 you can get in on all this action:

That $29.99 USD is a special launch price.  In a week, the price reverts to its regular price of $39.99, so act fast to get in on all this action!  In addition to the value above, the Steam Anthology also includes the Re-rockestrated Anthology Soundtrack.  Nine classic Apogee/3D Realms songs redone by Interceptor's Andrew Hulshult.  You can read more detail about the soundtrack here.


We know that some of you might have a few questions about the Steam Anthology.  Here's a couple of ones you might be interested in.  For additional information, make sure and check out the 3D Realms FAQ page elsewhere on our site.

Q: Why are Commander Keen & Wolfenstein 3D missing from the Steam version?

A: 3D Realms have been directly distributing many of these titles for nearly 30 years. Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3D specifically, are self-published seperately by ID Software on Steam. We added the games Xenophage, Dark Ages and Balls of Steel exclusively to the Steam Version of the game to compensate for the missing ID titles.

Q: I already bought the Anthology direct from you on the 3D Realms site.  Will i get the extra Steam titles?

A: Yes, those three titles (Balls of Steel, Xenophage, & Dark Ages) will eventually be added in via a patch to the 3DR/Standalone version of the Anthology, but not at launch with the Steam edition.