CULTIC: Chapter One is Available Now!

CULTIC: Chapter One is Available Now!

CULTIC: Chapter One is Available Now!

Rise up. Fight back!

CULTIC: Chapter One is now available via Steam and other digital stores for $9,99 USD / €9.99 EUR / £8.99 GBP! 

Step into the shoes of a disgraced detective and investigate the dark secrets of an insidious cult. An attack from the shadows leaves the mission (and detective) seemingly dead on arrival. Now, he’ll rise from a mass grave and seek revenge against the zealots.

CULTIC Chapter One opens the case with 10 levels, from abandoned shipyards to moldering catacombs, all rendered in a striking aesthetic harkening back to old-school shooters. Outwit and outshoot the cultists in flexible, play-your-way combat that rewards improvisation.

Dash, slide, and take advantage of environmental objects to battle devious cultists, horrid creatures, and brutal bosses. Master a viscerally gratifying arsenal of mid-century weapons, including the C96, STEN MK. V, a sawed-off coach gun, bundles of TNT, and when all else fails…your bleeding knuckles.

CULTIC Chapter One also adds new maps to the wave-based Survival mode inspired by the likes of Resident Evil 4 and Killing Floor. Upgrade weapons with spoils earned from hordes of blood-thirsty enemies and ascend to the top of the leaderboards. 

In case you have any questions about the game, please check the Official FAQ article.

Gear up and join the cult of CULTIC! Check out our official merchandise here!