Happy 25th to Major Stryker

Happy 25th to Major Stryker

Happy 25th to Major Stryker

Happy 25th Anniversary to Major Stryker, originally released Jan 15, 1993.

Major Stryker was the first and only solo game by Duke Nukem stalwart, Allen H. Blum III. Al did this EGA scrolling shooter game inbetween the first and second Duke Nukem games, and after Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.

While the three weren't connected, this was the first in our three scrolling shooter games (later Raptor & Stargunner). But Major Stryker was the first. It was also our first release in 1993 (more about the others later).

We released this game as freeware in March 2006, and you can still go download it yourself now if you've never played it. It is available today at the 3D Realms website: https://3drealms.com/catalog/major-stryker_47/

Here are a couple of screenshots to go with the game. You will note that Allen was a fan of the movie "Aliens" in the high score list. The game also says "GAME OVER MAN" in a very familiar voice, too.  :)

As another added treat, you can download a pdf of the original hint sheet we used to mail to customers who would purchase the game from us. http://legacy.3drealms.com/str…/Major_Stryker_Hint_Sheet.pdf

NOTE: To those who follow our site well, you may note that we have had release dates for Major Stryker of Jan 1st and Jan 31st, 1993 in the past. After consulting with Allen about that subject, we're pretty positive the actual release date is January 15th.