december newsletter 

Hey everyone and welcome back to our official 3D Realms newsletter! We wish you a happy new year and may you have no problem achieving your New Year’s resolution. It’s Jakob your host and together, we’ll be going on quite an action-packed year…get it? This is our second official newsletter, so go easy on us and tell us what you think on our official X account, or you could join our Discord server and hit us up. Now let’s discuss what we have going on.

Steam winter sale

The Holidays might be already over for most of us but the Steam Winter Sale is just not yet! There is still time left until January 4th at 10 AM PST to grab some of our games while they are on sale. RIPOUT and CULTIC both have a 20% discount. Ion Fury has a whopping 60% off, while Aftershock is 10% discounted. And finally, we have Graven and Wrath which both also have a 20% discount! Can you believe these sales? Make sure to get your copies of these games before the sale ends. Go. Buy them now.

latest news



The first major content update for RIPOUT – The Payload Update – is now available! It features…

  • New Missions and Levels
  • New Suits
  • New Sidearm
  • New Critter
  • System improvements and additional features

We couldn’t be any more excited about the first early access content update. We look forward to your feedback and we hope you enjoy it. You can find all the details on the notes here. Look forward to more in the future, and hope to see you Ripping Out in the Payload update. Ripout can be found on Steam and can be purchased through a bundle with Killing Floor 2!

Kingpin launch and updates


Last month, the game of crime, Kingpin: Reloaded launched. The team at Slipgate Ironworks has continued to improve it since then, with four major patches addressing player feedback. We appreciate your support and patience and thank you for helping the team improve the game. If you want to learn more about the patch notes visit here:

New Bloodless Key Art


Bloodless, our new stylish action-adventure game developed by Point N’ Sheep, revealed its new epic key art! You can find it on our official X account and on the game’s Steam store page! 

The Kindeman Remedy Patch #4


The recent unspeakable, diabolical, and insane management game, The Kindeman Remedy released its 4th patch! We appreciate your support and feedback and will continue to provide more patches. You can review these patch notes here and find the game on Steam

Tempest Rising Delay


As you may have heard, our beloved upcoming RTS, Tempest Rising has been delayed. This is to ensure the game is polished and perfect for when you get your hands on it. We value you and your feedback and we are committed to developing the best possible quality of Tempest Rising at launch. On behalf of 3D Realms & Slipgate Ironworks, we thank you for your patience and support. If you want more information on Tempest Rising follow the X account and if you would like to know more about the delay, here is a statement from the team. You can also wishlist Tempest Rising on Steam.

Blogs & Interviews

Phantom Fury


Want to take a look into how the Phantom Fury team designs their weapons? Check out this dev blog on Designing the Minigun for Phantom Fury. You can wishlist the game now on Steam

Twisted Tower


If Bioshock met Willy Wonka on a date, then moved in together, and then had a baby, it would be called Twisted Tower. Want to learn more? Watch the dev blog by the genius creator himself, Thomas Brush. Twisted Tower can now be wishlisted on Steam.


We know you like merch and we know you LOVE 3D Realms, but did you know about our very own merch? Come with me and take a look. 

Fan of RIPOUT? First off we have an exclusive RIPOUT XL Gaming Mouse Pad for you! Perform even more “ripouts” with this epic mouse pad. You can purchase this exclusive item on our website. But wait…there’s one more thing a RIPOUT fan should have…and that is an exclusive RIPOUT Trucker Cap. Game in style and drive in style with his new hat. You can purchase it on our website.

Fan of 3D Realms? Of course, you are! I mean you better be. Look out because 3D Realms will be in your morning routine with this 3D Realms Mug. Enjoy coffee or tea with action, adrenaline, and attitude with this new mug that you can purchase on our website. Hold on, don’t leave just yet, there’s another must-have for fans of 3D Realms. Check out our Gaming Mouse Pad featuring Shelly Harrison! Hail to the queen and blow some s**t with this awesome mouse pad. You can purchase it on our website.


Want to hear some awesome soundtracks? You know one thing is, we always have epic soundtracks. For the holidays, CULTIC released a special soundtrack and you can listen to it here. That’s not all though! We have another soundtrack from our upcoming FPS game, Phantom Fury, and you can find it here

That’s all for this month! Hope you guys had a great action-packed, adrenaline-packed, and attitude-packed holiday and I shall see you next month!