The Team

Meet the 3D Realms family

3D Realms Team

  • Mike Nielsen

    Mike Nielsen

    President & CEO

    Mike works as CEO of 3DR and has worked 11 years in distribution of games.

  • Frederik Schreiber

    Frederik Schreiber

    Partner, VP & Exc. Producer

    VP / Executive Producer at 3D Realms. Fred has directed multiple titles, from Rise of the Triad to Rad Rodgers and has a lot of experience in the industry.

  • Scott Miller

    Scott Miller

    Partner, Founder & Chief Creative Officer

    Scott is the founder of 3DR and considered an Industry Legend. With his stellar record, he serves as an adviser to 3DR.

  • Joe Siegler

    Joe Siegler

    Community Manager

    Veteran 3D Realms Community Manager Joe Siegler is back, and is considered to be the company’s resident historian.

  • Bryan Turner

    Bryan Turner

    Office Manager

    Bryan has been employed with 3DR for 20 years and is an invaluable part of the team.

  • Jeremiah Fox

    Jeremiah Fox

    Game Designer

    Jeremiah is a Game Designer at 3D Realms and is currently leading the development of an unannounced Quake 1-engine title.

  • Andrew Hulshult

    Andrew Hulshult

    Music Composer

    Our contract composer of choice for years, Andrew has worked on Rise of the Triad, Bombshell, Dusk and most recently Quake Champions.

  • Grzegorz Zawadski

    Grzegorz Zawadski

    Lead Programmer

    Lead Programmer at 3D Realms, with decades of experience with a range of Technology, primarily known for his extensive work on the Unreal Engine.

  • Jacob Østergaard

    Jacob Østergaard

    Level Designer

    Jacob is a long-time Level Designer at 3D Realms, having worked on both Bombshell and Rad Rodgers.

  • Dmitriy "fgsfds" Merkulov

    Dmitriy "fgsfds" Merkulov


    The dark wizard of Quake on Consoles

  • Arturo Pahua

    Arturo Pahua


    Arturo is an artist at 3D Realms with a long history of games under his belt, including Rise of the Triad, Bombshell and most recently Ion Maiden.

  • Carlos Ortega

    Carlos Ortega


    A masterful concept artist at PEAK level! Carlos works with everything from illustrations to concepting.

  • Daniel "Baracuda" Mortensen

    Daniel "Baracuda" Mortensen

    Level Designer

    Daniel is a Level Designer at 3D Realms, with his specialty being detailing and worldbuilding.

  • Dan Shannon

    Dan Shannon

    Level Designer

    Better known as Cardo, Dan is a Level Designer on WRATH

  • Gavin "FifthElephant" Edgington

    Gavin "FifthElephant" Edgington

    Level Designer

    Gavin is a well-known level designer from the Quake communities, best known for his work on the popular "Arcane Dimensions" project.

  • Nahuel Arce

    Nahuel Arce

    Game Programmer

    Nahuel is a Game Programmer and Scripter, specialized in the original Quake Engine

  • Daniil Brilliantov

    Daniil Brilliantov


    Resident Animator at 3D Realms, Daniil has worked on a range of titles, including Rise of the Triad and Bombshell.

  • Sven "ptoing" Ruthner

    Sven "ptoing" Ruthner

    2D Artist

    Sven is a 2D Artist at 3D Realms, well known for his pixel-art skills. Sven is working primarily with palettes, UI and HUD's. Also, he's German.

  • Marcus "muk" Hayes

    Marcus "muk" Hayes

    Level Designer

    Level Designer well known from the Quake community. Known as "muk".

  • Isabel Alonso

    Isabel Alonso


    The better half of Arturo, Isabel is a concept artist and illustrator at 3D Realms.

  • Andreea Burciu

    Andreea Burciu

    Tradeshow Support

    Also known as Fred's better half. 3D Realms' resident Tradeshow Support.
    Helps out with game-walkthroughs, merchandise, sales, you name it.

  • Romain "Skacky" Barrilliot

    Romain "Skacky" Barrilliot

    Level Designer

    Romain is a Level Designer at 3D Realms, known for his work on several popular Quake levels.

Ion Fury Team

Meet the incredible developers behind Ion Fury from Voidpoint and the Build-engine community.

  • Richard "TerminX" Gobeille

    Richard "TerminX" Gobeille

    Project Lead

    Founder of Voidpoint, creator of EDuke32, kicker of ass.

  • Evan "Hendricks266" Ramos

    Evan "Hendricks266" Ramos

    Technical Director

    He sees the Matrix.

  • Jonathan "Mblackwell" Strander

    Jonathan "Mblackwell" Strander

    Game Programmer

    Over 20 years experience with the Build Engine as well as over a decade in design - Build's dark allure is what got him into programming. 

  • Leonardo "Davox" Pellegrini

    Leonardo "Davox" Pellegrini

    Level Designer

    With over 10+ years of experience in the Videogames industry, he always comes back to his first love, the Build Engine.

  • Aleksander "Cage" Kowalczyk

    Aleksander "Cage" Kowalczyk

    2D Artist & Art Director

    A graphic designer who turned to his true passion - pixelart and early 3d games from the 90s.

  • Max "oasiz" Ylitalo

    Max "oasiz" Ylitalo

    Level Designer & FX Consultant

    Specializes in creation of virtual worlds that offer rich realistic multimedia experiences for the human mind. 

  • Alex "pogokeen" Dawson

    Alex "pogokeen" Dawson


    Once part of a crack speedrunning unit chosen to beta test by Voidpoint and 3D Realms, Alex promptly became part of the team.

  • Jonathan Hyde

    Jonathan Hyde

    Sound Design

    Passionate about sound & music tech, nostalgic for 90s pc gaming - so having the opportunity to be involved in both was something I couldn't pass up!

  • Corentin "MetHy" Dallay

    Corentin "MetHy" Dallay

    Level Designer

    Enjoys level design in all its forms, particularly the retro kind, and likes to remain creative in his past time with music and romhacking.

  • Jarmo "Daedolon" Kylmäaho

    Jarmo "Daedolon" Kylmäaho

    Level Designer

    Designer of many things. A musician. Has a burning passion for game preservation, retro gaming, and... wait, did someone say b-movies?!

  • Oleg "FGSFDS" Golomolzin

    Oleg "FGSFDS" Golomolzin

    Voxel Modelling

    Can stack cubes almost as well as a three-year-old.