About Us

3D Realms is a passionate team of creative thinkers and visionary risk-takers pushing the game industry we love forward. We’re gamers, immersed 24/7 in all aspects of the industry as publishers, developers, and as an incubator for new talent. Our passion for publishing adrenaline-fueled gameplay with an overdose of attitude is the DNA that runs through every game you’ll find in our catalog. 


Acquired in 2021 by Saber Interactive, the brand’s vision and mission remain the same and its spirit still lives on within everyone of our staff stronger than ever. Our team consists of seasoned veterans along with some new faces that grew up loving the brand and knowing what it means to many, and are able to bring new ideas that sync with the modern needs of our industry.


At 3D Realms we’re firmly focused on the future of gaming, but we’re just as proud of the brand’s pedigree as legendary ass-kickers in the video game business. For almost 30 years, 3DR rocked the world, publishing unforgettable iconic games like Duke Nukem,Terminal Velocity, Prey, Shadow Warrior, Death Rally, Max Payne, and more to millions across multiple gaming generations. We ONLY publish titles with pitch perfect gameplay, intense and addicting experiences, feedback loops that take up residence in your brain – and do it all with a generous dose of the attitude that made us famous. We’re continuing the legacy through amazing game experiences like Ghostrunner, Ion Fury, Cultic, Tempest Rising, Phantom Fury, RIPOUT, Bloodless, Kindeman Remedy, and more for the millions of fans that have loved the brand for many years and the millions of new fans that we bring into the fold every day. 

We’re on a mission Redefining AAA – Action, Attitude, Adrenaline and we’re bringing you along for the ride! 

The breakdown of our slogan is twofold. How we define game experiences and the games we specialize in… as defined below: 

Redefining AAA – AAA is defined outside our industry as highest quality. Our industry defines AAA as a graphical or budgetary tier. 3D Realms refuses to follow industry meaning, to us it’s the highest quality experience regardless of graphics or budget… but within our “A” words used.

Action – Self explanatory. Action Shooter, Action Hack ‘n’ Slash, Action RPG, Action RTS, Action Adventure… you get the point.

Attitude – Harder to describe, but you know it when you see it. Every Quentin Tarantino film has this, a style and personality that’s hard to resist.

Adrenaline – Not every game has to have Action to have Adrenaline. Fear, anticipation, tension are all examples that invoke an increase in heart rate.

We publish games for grownups. Unapologetic, uncompromising and sometimes even under the influence. Where we’re not afraid of being who we are and being damn good at it for all to enjoy. 

Welcome to 3D f***ing Realms!