3D Realms Live! is our weekly stream featuring the latest news, our games, our friends’ games, and interviews with host Jared Bair. At 3D Realms, we believe that high tide raises all ships. As such, not only do we like to show off games we makes and publish, but also those created by members of our community whether indie, from another publisher, our sister companies at Embracer, or even just for fun. 3D Realms Live! airs every Friday night at 8PM CEST on our Twitch channel.


3D Realms Presents is a longform podcast featuring interviews with the top minds in gaming. Host Ty Brannan sits down with the most exciting people in our industry to dig into the minds, souls, hearts, and drives that manifest in the games we love and enjoy. Our aim is for this show to not only entertain, but to pull back the curtain of our business and inform listeners and viewers about the many aspects and people behind the scenes.


A digital event hosted by 3D Realms & friends, filled with world premieres, special guests, interviews, and much more… For years 3D Realms has worked with various sister companies, partners and volunteers to bring you the single most exciting video games showcase of all time. Packed with announcements, updates, new & familiar faces, and the best new games on the market, Realms Deep is a don’t miss for fans, publishers, and developers alike.