Welcome everyone to the 3DRmy!

We at 3D Realms are always looking at ways to reach out and make the community more involved, to give you a look behind the curtain!


And with that, we are excited to give you new opportunities to experience 3D Realms with our new 3DRmy!


As you all know, we at 3D Realms publish games, lots of games. From internal projects developed by Slipgate Ironworks, or external titles that we’ve partnered with.

Do you want an inside look at upcoming projects? Well, we want to show you what the hell we are working on! We are excited to give you a chance to play games early and interact with the developers  making these amazing games.

So, what do you get out of this? How about a chance to see what we are working on behind closed doors and play games before release! Or, see your kickass named listed in the games credits. 

The registration form must be filled out completely. To be elibile you must be at least 18 years of age and you must agree to an NDA (a.k.a all the fun legal terms). Entry into the Playtesting program is not gauranteed. All participants will be decided upon once their entry form is reviewed. 

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