[previewyoutube=c49Zj6E_u98;full][/previewyoutube] The day is upon us. After a delay fit a for a King, you can experience [i]Ion Fury: Aftershock[/i]! – More than half the content featured in the original game – New Weapons – New Enemies – New Zones – Arrange Mode – A Hoverbike complete with homing plasma missiles And it’s OUT RIGHT […]

Ion Fury OST – Yesterday’s Fries

Our friends over at Voidpoint have provided us with a new soundtrack visualizer. And it’s another tracker, because Voidpoint loves you and so do we.

Ion Fury Dev Blog – The Design of Ion Fury

Jonathan Strander from Voidpoint is back today to give you a little bit of insight into the design of Ion Fury. Part 2. He might talk about Aftershock a little bit as well, but you’ll have to look inside for that.