Phantom Fury – Dev Update 10.09.2023

It has been a bit over a week since Realms Deep ended, and we feel that now is the perfect time to thank you all for checking out the Phantom Fury demo!

Phantom Fury – Demo Out Now

Phantom Fury is gonna need a little more time in the oven. However, if you saw Realms Deep, you know that a demo has just gone live. And you can play it right now.

Phantom Fury Dev Blog #5 – City in a Garden

This week, Phantom Fury is at Gamescom. If you’re there, drop by to check out the public demo. In the meantime, check out Dev Blog #5 – “City in a Garden” to learn a bit about one of the game’s most important areas.

Dev Blog #4 – Designing the Weapons ft. Nate

Hey everyone! This is Nate, I’m a game designer working at Phoenix Game Productions here in Osaka, Japan who has had the pleasure of working on Phantom Fury and I heard ya’ll like to shoot stuff. We see you; we hear you. Huddle up, let’s talk for a sec.